Two Days in a Row Supra

Toyota FT-1 Concept (Supra rumored to be based off the FT-1 Concept design)

Toyota FT-1 Concept (Supra rumored to be based off the FT-1 Concept design)

Yesterday we got spy photos of what appeared to be the prototype of the Toyota Supra.  [Link to that story here]  It hasn’t taken very long for every other automotive publication to jump on the story, providing new details about the Supra’s release date, design, etc.

The most comprehensive story comes from our friends at Car and Driver.  For those details, continue reading…

From Car and Driver:

The reborn Toyota Supra, which is the product of a joint venture between Toyota and BMW that also will produce a successor to the Z4.


The Supra will use a Toyota four-cylinder in the most affordable variants, while higher-zoot versions will get a new V-6 (code name 943F) bolstered by a pair of turbos that will push output to 400 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque.  A performance-based hybrid is also an option.


Reports indicate that the cars will be assembled on what could be considered the neutral ground of Austria, by Magna Steyr. Production—at an annual rate of 60,000 cars in total—is due to begin sometime in 2018, and we expect the cars to arrive as 2019 models. It’s likely that Toyota will want to keep the starting price of the Supra near the $40,000 mark—which is considerably less than what the old model cost toward the end of its life span—although high-performance variants would drift far upward from there.

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