Top FIVE Annoying Driving Habits

Even the best drivers make mistakes behind the wheel.  I’ve narrowed down the top five annoying habits drivers make.  Did I forget any or do you disagree with me?  Comment below!  (I left out the obvious and abhorrent ones like driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol because–duh!– you shouldn’t do that.  EVER!)


  1. Signaling:  the turn signal is there for a reason–USE IT (please) to warn fellow road warriors that you’re turning or changing lanes.  Once you’ve accomplished said turn or lane change, it’s time to turn off the signal.  Don’t be the person driving six miles with their left turn signal blinking.
  2. Distracted Driving:  whether you’re fighting with your girlfriend on the phone, texting your husband, or eating a double bacon cheeseburger, you’re not focusing on the task at hand and that puts YOUR life AND everyone else’s in danger.  Even if you don’t get in an accident, your distracted driving is BAD driving and BAD driving leads to traffic jams.  (For more on Illinois’ distracted driving problem, click here.)
  3. Two Space Parker:  unless you’re driving a tour bus, your vehicle should take up ONE parking space–that means your car remains in between the allotted two lines.  Seriously, you look like a jerk when you park over the line, even just a little bit.
  4. Lane Straddling:  drive within your lane.  I’m sure you’re an important person who doesn’t feel the need to stay in one lane at a time, but you’re killing the flow of traffic, and in turn, testing every driver’s patience.
  5. LEFT Lane: Friends, family, strangers, lovers, and haters:  the left lane is meant for passing.  DO NOT DRIVE SLOWLY IN THE LEFT LANE–it’s rude and you’re causing a traffic delay.  Look behind you, I promise there’s a backup.  Let me break it down for you.  Use the left lane to pass slower drivers in the right lane.  Use the left lane if you want to be a speed demon, just don’t be surprised when the flashing lights and sirens catch up to you.  Use the left lane if you’re moderately speeding and driving faster than your fellow drivers.  If there is at any point a car behind you, or every other car in every other lane is driving faster than you are in the left lane, MOVE OVER!  Seriously, just move over and let them pass you.  No big deal.

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