2019 Toyota Technology: Camry & Sienna Edition

One of my favorite things about the new Avalon is its technology. Toyota put a much-needed tech boost into the 2019 Avalon and it looks like they’re doing the same for two fan favorites. Joel Patel of Cars Direct reported that Toyota will include Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa integration in the 2019 Camry and 2019 Sienna. 

According to Toyota’s official website, the 2019 Sienna will include “Apple CarPlay support so you can use your compatible iPhone to get directions, send and receive messages make calls and listen to your own playlist–all while maintaining focus on your drive. Plus, with Amazon Alexa compatibility, simply ask to play music, read the news, tell a joke and more.”

Toyota has confirmed that the 2019 Sienna will be Amazon Alexa and Apple CarPlay compatible.

Toyota has yet to release any official information about the 2019 Camry, but we’ll venture an educated guess that the Camry will include Amazon Alexa and Apple CarPlay integration. Stay tuned for the official word from Toyota…!

2018 Toyota Camry

Jimmy Butler Drives a Swagger Wagon


What kind of car does Jimmy Butler Drive?

Jimmy Butler is the subject of Lee Jenkins’ latest profile for Sports Illustrated, entitled Don’t Try to Change Jimmy Butler

Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated profiles former Chicago Bulls forward (and Marquette alum) Jimmy Butler to discuss, among other things, the NBA All Star’s move to Minnesota, his passionate off-season training and his notorious fondness for country music. The profile provides insight into Jimmy’s mind–shedding light on his struggle to reconcile the past and the present; one a life of luxurious wealth, the other a life fraught with uncertainty and strife. This is best illustrated at the beginning of the piece: 

Most hoop elites are identified by no more than two syllables: LeBron. KD. Steph. Russ. Kawhi. CP. Beard. “I’m always Jimmybutler,” he muses. The formality suits him, a superstar who used to be a sideman and still grapples with the transition. “How is a star treated?” he wonders. “I don’t know. I’m learning like everyone else, and it’s a helluva curve.” Butler flies in a Gulfstream but drives a Toyota minivan with a baby on board sticker across the back, even though he is single with no children.

At the end of the profile, the subject of Butler’s minivan pops up again. Jenkins notes that while Butler trains in Malibu, California over the summer, he drives a Rolls Royce and not a Toyota: 

The Rolls gleams in the parking lot. The minivan is back in Minnesota. “I miss it,” Butler says. “Unfortunately, we have to use this thing just a little longer.” He shrugs with the slightest hint of irony.

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Obviously we’d choose the Toyota Sienna…

 In Case You Missed It:  The Texting Yoga Pants, a group of moms known for their parenting parodies, switched up Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” for a remix called “Never Thought I’d Do It.”

Never Thought I’d Do It via The Huffington Post

Cars.com 2015 American-Made Index

Toyota takes the top slots!

From Cars.com:

Cars with at least 75 percent domestic content are becoming an endangered species, and for the first time in the American-Made Index’s nine-year history, the list has fewer than 10 cars.  Cars.com’s American-Made Index recognizes cars that are built here, have a high percentage of domestic parts and are bought in large numbers by American consumers.

American Made


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