Breaking News: Supra, Corolla Hatchback, SFR

Supra Concept Vehicle

SFR Concept

When Akio Toyoda took the reigns as President of Toyota in 2009, he was on a mission to design more interesting, fun, and dynamic vehicles. He’s fulfilling on that promise by slowly introducing new, fresher vehicles to the Toyota lineup and giving image makeovers to Toyota’s current fleet.

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Two Days in a Row Supra

Toyota FT-1 Concept (Supra rumored to be based off the FT-1 Concept design)

Toyota FT-1 Concept (Supra rumored to be based off the FT-1 Concept design)

Yesterday we got spy photos of what appeared to be the prototype of the Toyota Supra.  [Link to that story here]  It hasn’t taken very long for every other automotive publication to jump on the story, providing new details about the Supra’s release date, design, etc.

The most comprehensive story comes from our friends at Car and Driver.  For those details, continue reading…

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Toyota BMW Super Car UPDATE

The Toyota-BMW Super car is coming.   But there are questions we still need answered:  when will it arrive,  what will it look like,  and what’s under the hood?  Most insiders say the vehicle will debut as a 2018 model and that it will resemble the Toyota FT-1 Concept Car,  but the other details are being kept hush-hush.  

Our friends over at Bold Ride are on top of the story and have the latest news on the Toyota-BMW Supra (Super)  car.   Click HERE to read more. 


Toyota FT-1 Concept Car