Does This Prove the Camry is the Safest Vehicle on the Road?

Sparked by a viral Facebook post, here’s what we learned about the engineering marvel that is the 2018 Toyota Camry.

May 17, 2018

Over my thirty-one years on this Earth, my dad has proselytized to anyone within earshot about the Toyota Camry. My dad loves Toyotas (thank goodness that’s his brand of choice to sell) and what’s not to love? They’re reliable, sturdy, efficient, and long-lasting vehicles. But my dad’s particular fondness for the Camry is one I’ve met with slight skepticism. Of course, a person could love the Camry with ardent fervor but it’s not an overly exciting vehicle–it lives up to the tenets of the Toyota brand: reliable, sturdy, efficient, and long-lasting. Lack of cool factor aside (not counting the 2018 Camry because there’s definitely a cool factor in play), my dad hasn’t stopped telling friends and family members about the wonders of the Camry. Variations of “it’s the safest car on the road” and “just get the Camry, it will run forever,” have been uttered countless times in my presence. 

A few days ago, a friend of mine pointed me to a Facebook post from Toyota of Surprise, a dealer Northwest of Phoenix, AZ. The photos in the post are jarring at first glance, but curiosity prevails and upon further inspection, what’s gleaned from the photos can only be attributed to remarkable engineering. The aforementioned post includes three photos of the same 2018 Camry. The Camry is situated front and center on the dealer’s showroom floor but its paint has been chipped and the satisfaction of the new car smell long dissappaited. This Camry has been in an accident; the front end is crumpled like an accordion and the trunk is demolished into nothing, however, the cabin and four wheels of the vehicle sit atop the chassise as though nothing could disturb the integrity of the car. And that’s the EXACT intent of the Camry’s design and engineering. So how did this happen? Read about it after the post below.

Kyle Cheromcha of The Drive points out that the Camry did EXACTLY what it was designed to do under dire circumstances: 

 “…a whole lot of modern engineering went into preventing the Camry from becoming an accord-ion (zing). First, the 2018 Camry rides on a version of the new TNGA modular platform, which has been praised by auto journalists for its rigidity and strength. Then there’s the fact that the Camry’s crumple zones functioned exactly as designed, absorbing the kinetic energy of the crash to keep the passenger cabin wholly intact; the Facebook post sharing the story notes that all four doors still open and close like normal.”

For thirty-one years, my dad has been telling anyone who would listen that the Camry is the best vehicle on the road. Best? Well, that’s a matter of preference. But safest vehicle on the road? I think we have exhibit A documented here.

Illinois Braces for Thanksgiving Traffic

Illinois braces for busy traffic Thanksgiving weekend.

Illinois braces for busy traffic Thanksgiving weekend.

Illinois Tollway warns drivers to remain calm and allow for extra time when driving on roadways over Thanksgiving weekend.

Beginning today, Wednesday, November 22, the Illinois Tollway projects 9 million vehicles to hit the roads through Monday, November 27. The busiest day will be Wednesday, November 22, when 1.8 million vehicles are expected to travel the roadways. The Illinois Tollway H.E.L.P. Trucks (Highway Emergency Lane Patrol) will be on standby to assist drivers in unexpected situations such as changing tires, battery boosts, adding coolant, dispensing fuel, transporting customers, moving vehicles away from traffic and calling for backup tow truck assistance. Hours have been extended for H.E.L.P. Trucks through Friday, November 24, to provide aid until midnight.

The Illinois Tollway warns drivers to practice safe driving as the Illinois State Police is expected to heavily patrol the highways Thanksgiving weekend. Police are looking for distracted drivers on their cell phones (it’s illegal to use a hand-held device when driving in Illinois) as well as speeders, drivers and passengers in violation of seatbelt laws, and drivers under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance.

Motorists are encouraged to dial *999 for help on the highway if their incident doesn’t call for the assistance of police or medics.

Toyota’s Self-Driving Future

2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) Press Conference - Dr. Gill Pratt Toyota Executive Technical Advisor and CEO of Toyota Research Institute (TRI) Dr. Gill Pratt speaks at CES 2016 in Las Vegas on Jan. 5, 2016. Photo: Kathryn Rapier

2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) Press Conference – Dr. Gill Pratt
Toyota Executive Technical Advisor and CEO of Toyota Research Institute (TRI) Dr. Gill Pratt speaks at CES 2016 in Las Vegas on Jan. 5, 2016. Photo: Kathryn Rapier

Safety has always been Toyota’s TOP priority.  And now, they’re upping the ante by developing the technology to get a self-driving car on the road by 2020!  Toyota’s Dr. Gill Pratt, CEO of recently set up Toyota Research Institute (TRI), told reporters:

“The intelligence of the car would figure out a plan for evasive action … Essentially (it would) be like a guardian angel, pushing on the accelerators, pushing on the steering wheel, pushing on the brake in parallel with you.”

For more information, click to read more.

Car Seat Recall


For those with an Evenflo car seat. From Eveflo:

Alert: We’re voluntarily recalling 3 models of the Transitions 3-in-1 Combination Booster Seat. No injuries have been reported. Customer feedback brought to our attention the possibility of children accessing their harness adjuster and simultaneously loosening their harness. For more information and to see if you own an affected model, visit Transitions Evenflo, where you can also order a free remedy kit. Your children’s safety is of the greatest importance to us, and we appreciate your help spreading the word.

How to Properly Use an Infant Car Seat Harness

“Precious cargo”– it’s a commonly used phrase and we can all agree that our little ones are the MOST precious cargo we have. There are endless options when it comes to infant car seats (which can be confusing and frustrating when choosing the best one for your family) and it’s important we know how to properly buckle our babies in their seats. Share this graphic with loved ones and let’s all work together to keep our precious cargo safe.

Infant Car Seat Harness


Which Toyota Models Made IIHS’ “Zero-Fatality” Rate List?

2015 Toyota Sequoia

2015 Toyota Sequoia made the IIHS Zero-Deaths list.

Let me make this simple for you: We’re making sophisticated vehicles with more comprehensive & improved technology and as a result, our cars are safer to drive.  This is the gist of a new study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  According to the study (via Chicago Tribune), “The chances of a driver dying in a crash in a late-model car or light truck fell by more than a third over three years.”

Out of the study, nine models had ZERO-death rates.  Three of the nine were in the Toyota family:

  1. Lexus RX 350 four-wheel drive, a midsized luxury SUV
  2. Toyota Highlander hybrid, a four-wheel drive midsized SUV
  3. Toyota Sequoia, a four-wheel drive large SUV

We don’t take safety lightly at Oak Lawn Toyota.  Our goal is to put you in your favorite car or truck, but most importantly, to make sure that you and your loved ones travel from Point A to Point B, safely.  A message from Toyota:

We design them [the vehicles] with the knowledge that safety is more than features — it’s the lives of the people who drive our cars.  For us, the journey towards a safe road never ends. This belief, along with our collaborative research efforts, drives us to create advancements and innovations in safety that have helped (and continue to help) prevent crashes and protect people.

If you’re interested in learning about Toyota’s commitment to safety, please click here.

To see the comprehensive list of the highest and lowest rates of driver deaths per the IIHS study, click here.

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