Toyota Celebrates Earth Day Year-Round

Every day might as well be ‘Earth Day’ as Toyota takes on climate change year-round by focusing on the goals of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050. 

Toyota’s status as a leading “green” company came about twenty years ago when they introduced the world to the Prius. Since that fateful day, Toyota has been a trailblazing corporation–doing their significant part to combat climate change while creating efficient technologies for consumers to use inside and outside the automotive industry. Newsweek recently named Toyota one of the world’s greenest companies–ranking No. 1 in the automobile category.

Toyota is pioneering the path towards zero emissions transportation. The 2017 North American Environmental Report showcases how Toyota’s environmental strategy and performance across four key areas — carbon, water, materials, and biodiversity — is engrained in everything we do.

These core focus areas align with Toyota’s Environmental Challenge 2050 goals that seek to go beyond minimizing negative impacts to creating a net positive impact on the environment.

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Our Friends at Lexus…


Lexus Hoverboard

Our friends at Lexus have created the second best thing (because a flying car is still at the top of my “PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN IN MY LIFETIME” list) that appeared in Back to the Future II–the hoverboard.  Remember that scene?!  Remember Marty McFly narrowly escaping Biff on the hoverboard at the mall!?

SUCH a great movie.

Well, it looks like Lexus is trying hard to turn movie magic into reality.  Check out the video below to see Lexus’ hoverboard.  And click here to read more about it!