Flying Car by 2020

Toyota is working overtime to create a flying car by 2020. Toyota is investing resources in the startup, Cartivator, by “chipping in 40 million yen ($353,000) and offering the expertise of its mechanical engineers.”  

According to Engadget: 

Thedrone-like vehicle would soar 10 meters (33 feet) above the ground at speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mph). The “Skydrive” is being developed by Cartivator, a startup with around 30 young volunteers working with drone expert Masafumi Miwa from Tokushima University. The aim is to get the car flying by next year and have it commercialized in time to light the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games torch.

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Water for Flint

Photo Courtesy of Jim Scherer Photography

Photo Courtesy of Jim Scherer Photography

Hi, I’m Christina Colosimo from Oak Lawn Toyota’s

As a small family-owned business on Chicago’s Southwest side, we’re honored to take part in initiatives that positively impact our community.  From donations to local food pantries to sponsoring little league teams and more, we do what we can to better our surrounding neighborhoods.

When crisis strikes another community, it’s our duty as Americans to rise up and support our friends by easing their pain until a solution is put in place for them.  That’s why we’re collecting cases of water to donate to Flint, Michigan, through their local Catholic Charities chapter.  For every case donated, we’ll match that contribution.  So stop in with your case of water and let’s show our friends in Flint how much we care about them.

On behalf of Ronnie Colosimo and the entire Oak Lawn Toyota family, thank you for your generosity and let’s do our part to make a difference in the lives of Flint residents. 

According to Catholic Charities’ Flint Water Recovery Site, water must come in cases, not individual bottles.  If you’d like to make a monetary contribution to their water recovery efforts, please click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Not exactly sure what’s happening in Flint, MI?  No worries.  Click here for the latest.

Illinois Vehicle Renewal Reminders


Illinois can’t hammer out a budget.  As a result, the Illinois Secretary of State’s office can’t afford stamps right now.  Per WGN:

 The Illinois Secretary of State’s office has suspended mailing out notices that your vehicle registration is expiring.

The move is blamed on the state’s budget impasse.

A spokesperson said it will save the state $450,000 a month.

Hundreds of thousands of Illinois license plates expired at midnight Dec. 1 – but many vehicle owners likely did not receive a notice in the mail.

E-mail notices are not affected.

Drivers can check when their registration expires on the secretary of state’s website at:

New stickers can be ordered online or at any state driver’s license facility.

Tip: Don’t Leave Your Keys in the Car

According to Bloomberg News,  “U.S. car thefts with keys left inside jumped 14 percent from 2012 to 2014, reaching 44,828 last year, according to a study issued Monday by the National Insurance Crime Bureau. The actual number is probably higher because some people don’t admit their carelessness to police or their insurer, the NICB said.”  

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