Flashback Friday: ’86 Toyota MR2

From Car and Driver Archives: Toyota MR2

The showers of kudos for Toyota’s mid-engined two-seater began as soon as it burst from its wrapping paper, back in February 1985. The MR2 earned rave reviews from the press for its finely balanced handling, its superb five-speed gearbox, and its jewel-like twin-cam, sixteen-valve, four-cylinder engine. We at C/D unanimously voted the MR2 onto our first available “Ten Best Cars” list this year, and we also singled out its gearbox and its ergonomic layout as the best in the industry…

…The MR2 gave us a year of pure driving enjoyment. It unraveled countless twisty roads, embarked on dozens of long treks, ran hundreds of errands, and never gave us one moment of difficulty.


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Twenty Seven Years Later


One man documents (via Car Throttle) his longest relationship….with his Toyota MR2.  Check out Ollie Evans’ great article about (his) love (and labor) for his car and why at twenty seven, it still means so much to him.  To read, click here.

1988 Toyota MR2

1988 Toyota MR2