Toyota Patent Catches Stuff

Toyota patents a device that catches the stuff you drop in between seats.

We’ve all been there: you’re driving along, the sun is shining, and you’re jamming to that one song you love (but you pretend not to know it when in the company of friends), you take a left turn–and just like that, you hear your phone sliding and listen for the barely audible clunk as it drops into the abyss. The abyss, or crack between the center console and your driver’s seat, is that familiar territory your change, lipstick, crumbs, and phone go to life wants to play a petty trick on you.

Fishing for the lost items is the most frustrating part–using the chair as a pendulum, pushing forward and then back–contorting your hand like an awkward skinny claw shape in an attempt to simply touch a piece of the object so you can push it or yank it or maneuver it in a way that will bring it back in your possession. It’s an ordeal. But a genius at Toyota just filed a patent to make that entire scenario a thing of the past.

According to The Drive:

Toyota’s aptly-named “under seat capture device” consists of a chute positioned on either side of the center console that can sense when something has fallen onto it, a platform that the chute funnels to, and an actuator coupled to the platform that delivers your fallen quarters/iPhones/taco crumbs to an easily accessible position.
The patent goes on to cover manually-operated under seat capture devices and also devices installed in between the seats and door sills.

So call off the search teams, Toyota will take care of the “into the abyss” items. PS. There is no date or timeline for when they will implement this nifty device, but we can all hope it’s sooner rather than later.

United State Patent and Trademark Office