Best Ice Cream In Oak Lawn

What is the best ice cream in Oak Lawn, Il?! Who serves the yummiest, tastiest frozen treats?!

These are questions you might ask yourself now that the summer has officially kicked off today with the Summer Solstice. Celebrate the longest day of the year with a visit to the area’s BEST ice cream parlors. Did we miss one? Comment below and let us know your favorite.

  1. Cupid Candies: known for their delicious homemade chocolates, I opt for a decadent banana split with extra nuts-it combines the sweet and savory with creamy homemade ice cream. And while you’re there, pick up a box of Cupid Turks for a take-home treat. [4707 W. 95th Street Oak Lawn, IL 60453]
  2. Premo’s Drive-In: as a kid, my dad took us to Premo’s after school for a special soft-serve treat (and maybe even something fried). When it’s time to whet my nostalgia appetite, I order a small chocolate/vanilla swirl cone and a side of french fries from Premo’s. [5540 95th St, Oak Lawn, IL 60453]
  3. JB’s Gourmet Ice Cream & Ices: this is a tiny spot that’s easy to miss if you’re not familiar with it and trust me, once you try it, you’ll be there all the time. From the juicy Italian Ice to the ultimate Super Sundaes, every batch of ice cream & Italian Ice is homemade and delectable. [6946 W 111th St Ste 4 Worth, IL 60482]
  4. Rainbow Cones: Is it really necessary for me to tell you why you MUST eat a Rainbow Cone?! Ok fine. You’re either a “biter” or a “licker” when it comes to the infamous treat. Me? I go for it–I’m impatient and hurriedly taste each flavor the moment I’m handed the cone. The more refined eater might take their time to savor each morsel in a layer; to treasure the creamy chocolate, fresh strawberry, savory walnuts & sweet cherries [of Palmer House layer], distinctive pistachio, and juicy orange sherbet. Go ahead, find out if you’re a biter or licker. [9233 S Western Ave Chicago, IL 60643 Beverly]
  5. La Michoacana Azteca: you have not lived until you’ve taken a giant bite out of a Mango Paletas de Agua. It’s luscious, refreshing, and the perfect way to end a long summer day. If you’re up for something with rich notes of cocoa, order the delicious Chocolate Paletas de Crema. [5437 W. 79th Street, Chicago, IL 60459]

Illinois Construction Projects: Summer 2017

Summer is a busy season for travelers, and yet, it’s an even busier season for road work/repair/construction. So what’s a road warrior to do? Prepare. Schedule your trips with plenty of time to spare as a result of construction and the usual traffic we experience daily. 

Watch out for these construction projects on Illinois tollways this summer:


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Joy Restored


Can you tell how excited I am for sunshine and warmer weather? I think it’s safe to say that most Chicagoans are eagerly awaiting better weather and lucky for us, it’s coming this weekend.

After you visit us for a little sunny weather car shopping, here are a few other fun things to do in Chicago this weekend!

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Top FIVE Annoying Driving Habits

Even the best drivers make mistakes behind the wheel.  I’ve narrowed down the top five annoying habits drivers make.  Did I forget any or do you disagree with me?  Comment below!  (I left out the obvious and abhorrent ones like driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol because–duh!– you shouldn’t do that.  EVER!)


  1. Signaling:  the turn signal is there for a reason–USE IT (please) to warn fellow road warriors that you’re turning or changing lanes.  Once you’ve accomplished said turn or lane change, it’s time to turn off the signal.  Don’t be the person driving six miles with their left turn signal blinking.
  2. Distracted Driving:  whether you’re fighting with your girlfriend on the phone, texting your husband, or eating a double bacon cheeseburger, you’re not focusing on the task at hand and that puts YOUR life AND everyone else’s in danger.  Even if you don’t get in an accident, your distracted driving is BAD driving and BAD driving leads to traffic jams.  (For more on Illinois’ distracted driving problem, click here.) Continue reading