Camp Fire’s Heroes

One man, His Tundra, and a Community of Brave Fighters

 Camp Fire’s Heroes

As manager of Oak Lawn Toyota’s Instagram account, I follow numerous Toyota truck fan accounts. These fan accounts are not for the casual Toyota truck driver, they’re for hardcore enthusiasts who devote their spare time to working on their beloved Toyota truck.

On Saturday, while scrolling through Oak Lawn Toyota’s Instagram feed, I came across a photo of a badly burnt truck. While that should have gotten my immediate attention, I continued scrolling until I noticed it again, and again, and again–a picture “re-grammed” multiple times over.

I decided to share the image of the burnt truck on Facebook along with the brief caption attached to it. It was a sobering image of the real damage done by the Camp Fire (in Butte County Northern California) and a brief look at the human toll a natural disaster can take on our fellow Americans.

Since posting that photo on Saturday, multiple outlets picked up this story and I think it’s important you get to know the person who drives that burnt Tundra. The owner of the truck is Allyn Pierce, an ICU nurse at Adventist Health in Paradise, CA. Last Thursday, while flames were engulfing Paradise and surrounding areas, Nurse Allyn hopped into his Toyota Tundra with hospital patients and evacuated them to safety. Not only did he do this once, but he turned around and did it again. Nurse Pierce’s selflessness saved lives and for that, he’s a hero. Toyota has recognized his bravery and will be giving him a new truck to replace his burnt Tundra.

I’m attaching New York Times reporter Jack Nicas’ tweets below for the entire account of the Paradise Hospital heroes and for the astonishing photos that tell their story.