Nostalgia: The Blizzard of ’67

Buried cars at Lakeshore Drive and Foster Ave. [Photo courtesy of]

Buried cars at Lakeshore Drive and Foster Ave. [Photo courtesy of National Weather Service]

New York City braced for a record-breaking blizzard, but what they really got looked like a normal January day in Chicago.  The Windy City is know for its unpredictable weather but it’s safe to say most of us have lived through more than just one rough Chicago winter.  Who can forget Snowmageddon 2011 and the deserted cars on Lake Shore Drive?  Or even last year’s awful winter frozen tundra?  Those recent storms crippled our city, made us shiver, and had us begging Mother Nature for an early spring.

For those of us born after 1967, we’ve heard the tales of the Blizzard of ’67, living vicariously through the stories–but that’s about to change.  Whether you’re seeing pictures of the storm for the first time or you’re hoping to take a trip down memory lane, click here to browse through the Chicago Tribune’s extensive account of the blizzard that crippled the city that fateful January day.

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