Motion Sickness– Can You Avoid It?

Growing up in Chicago, I never fully understood how flat Illinois is until we took a family road trip out west and I was forced to recon with the fact that I have a low threshold for motion sickness.  Winding through the beautiful mountains, I could barely keep it together to enjoy the visuals because I was too busy burying my head between my legs while popping high doses of dramamine.  When our family made it back to Illinois, one of my sisters commented how dull our drive home felt without the magestic scenery.  I simply looked at her and said, “Thank GOODNESS we live in the FLAT-lands.”

If you’re anything like me (and I realize I don’t come close to a worst case scenario motion sickness sufferer), you dread long car rides.  However, it looks we might be catching a break in the near future.  Click HERE to read how Stanford researchers are combating motion sickness, one Virtual Reality prototype at a time.

Image via WikiHOW

Image via WikiHOW

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