Light It Up For Emily

We’re lighting it up for you, Emily!  Stay strong and know that thousands of people have your back.  Sending you love and prayers right now. -Your friends at Oak Lawn Toyota


Maybe you’ve heard about Emily Beazley–or maybe not.  Here is part of her story:

“Emily was diagnosed with stage-3 T-cell lymphoblastic non-Hodgkin lymphoma on April 7, 2011. She finished treatment on July 18, 2013, but she’s relapsed several times. Her little sister, Olivia, donated stem cells in August 2014, but in January, Emily relapsed again.

A recent trip to the doctor, Nadia [Emily’s mother] said, revealed that chemotherapy had wiped out two spots and part of another on Emily’s heart. Two more spots, however, had emerged, and the family was given the heartbreaking news.
The drive home was sad, Nadia said. Emily, however, insisted to her mother, as well as her father, Ed, that her mindset was clear: ‘I’m not done.’

Throughout the month of April, residents, many of them near the Beazley home on 107th Street and Homan Avenue, are placing purple and green lights outside their homes as part of ‘Light it up for Emily.'”

To learn more about Emily, click here.

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