It’s Paczki Day!

Happy Fat Tuesday, friends!  And for those of us who partake in the Polish tradition: Happy Paczki Day!  …Wait, you’ve never had a paczki??  You are missing out!

According to DNAinfo Chicago:

Paczki Day, like Fat Tuesday, is a Christian tradition where worshippers share in a night of revelry or pastry eating before beginning the Lenten season of fasting and discipline.  The Polish pastries — sometimes translated as “doughnut” and always interpreted as “delicious” — are essentially fried dough filled with flavored cream and topped with powered sugar, though there are certainly creative variations on the pastry depending on where you buy them.

Our Paczkis are from the amazing folks at Clyde’s–thanks guys, they’re delicious!

Want to know which Chicago bakeries are serving the delicious treat?  Click here to see a comprehensive map!

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