How to Photograph a Car at Night

I’m a terrible photographer (see photo below).  I blindly hold up my phone (do people still use actual cameras?) and hope it catches something recognizable to the average Joe.  Then, I slap on a filter, change the lighting, and the outcome resembles something decent (to me).

While I may not have the eye and talent to capture award-winning images, I can appreciate the difference between a good and bad picture.  When you spend as much time on the Internet as I do (creating Social Media content), you begin to see the vast difference between good and bad automotive photos.  Trust me, the bad ones ARE out there.  That’s why, I was intrigued when I came across THIS article, promising to teach the reader how to take “awesome” car pictures at night.  For those who don’t know: taking photos without natural sunlight is exponentially more difficult.

Car enthusiasts and shutterbugs, take note.

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