Happy Margarita Day!

National Margarita DayDisclaimer:  Here at Oak Lawn Toyota, we believe in responsible drinking: drinking alcoholic beverages in moderation.  Responsible drinking also means that if you’ve had a few too many cocktails, there’s no need to endanger yourself and others–call a cab, call an uber, call your mom, or your best friend.  Please don’t drink and drive.  It’s stupid, selfish, and it’s a violently unnecessary way to end your life (or someone else’s.)

Today is National Margarita Day.  A few years ago, I stopped buying the sugary-filled, overpriced margarita mix from the store and opted to make my own.  The result was a delicious concoction without the additives and preservatives found in store-bought marg mixes.  The following are my absolute favorite margarita recipes.  Create, sip, and enjoy!  If you’re not 21 or don’t partake in alcoholic beverages, please scroll down for our virgin recipes.  

Classic Margarita Recipe: Pour all the ingredients in a pitcher (save the lime slices for later) and stir until mixture is ready to be served.  Prepare four margarita glasses with ice, add optional organic kosher salt on the rims, garnish with lime slices, and pour your classic margarita mix into each glass, and enjoy!

Classic MargaritaJalapeno Margaritas: this is one of my favorite recipes from Love and Lemons. Spicy, tangy, and delicious!

love and lemons

Mango Chili Margarita: Courtesy of the Minimalist Baker.  This concoction is sweet, spicy, and refreshing!  (Click on the recipe name for the full recipe.)Mango Chili

Virgin Margarita: a twist on the classic alcohol-laden drink.

Pomegranate Margarita: a non-alcoholic version & one with alcohol.

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