Cinco de Mayo: How to Honor and Celebrate

Cinco de Mayo

Despite what many of us (especially those of us born and raised in the US) think, Cinco de Mayo is not “Mexican Independence Day”. Rather it’s the celebration of the victory at the Battle of Puebla when the small Pueblan army defeated the bigger & stronger French army during the Franco-Mexican War.  In honor of said victory, which brought a great morale boost to the Mexican army, let’s enjoy a few of the Pueblan region’s most delicious foods.

Puebla is situated in Central Mexico and according to celebrity chef Rick Bayless, “Puebla is often thought of as the gastronomic capital of Mexico, where the cuisine achieved the most polish. The food in Puebla is the result of a blending of the indigenous foods with the Spanish cuisine and techniques.”  Click here to continue reading.

  1. Mole Poblano.  Any proper discussion about Pueblan cuisine begins with mole poblano, considered by many to be Mexico’s national dish.
  2. Chalupas.  Chalupas, an iconic Poblano street food, have a resemblance to tostadas and are the perfect antojito for any Cinco de Mayo celebration.
  3. Chiles en Nogada.  The dish signifies Mexico’s independence and is made up of the colors of the Mexican flag; red, white and green.


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