Charity Choice Contest: March

Last month, we held our first Charity Choice Contest and had an incredible response from you.  The CURED foundation won February’s contest and they’ll be here Wednesday to pick up their check and to tell us more about the work they do to raise awareness and fund research for Rare Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Diseases.  Stay tuned for that…

This month’s contest is an exciting one with the following non-profits taking part: Restoration Ministries, Girl Forward, Light and Leadership Initiative, Ronald McDonald House (Oak Lawn), CAPE, Animal Rescue Squad, It’s A Pittie Rescue, Dogs are Deserving Rescue, Chicago Run, and Cat Vando TNR.  Check back soon for more information on these amazing organizations.  In the meantime, you can vote for the March installment of the Charity Choice Contest by clicking HERE!  We’re using the hashtag #MarchCCC to talk about this month’s contest.

QUICK note:  Many people have asked whether or not they could vote for their charity more than once.  Unfortunately, we only allow one vote per Facebook account.  If you would like to be considered for next month’s Charity Choice Contest, please e-mail me at

Click on the link to vote in March's Charity Choice Contest

Click on the link to vote in March’s Charity Choice Contest

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