Mark Girlich’s Oak Lawn Story

Mark Girlich has been working at Oak Lawn Toyota since 1986. Mark’s charisma, compassion, and commitment to his customers made him a standout salesperson and ultimately, an excellent Sales Manager. He is the designated chairperson of the “welcoming committee” as he warmly welcomes new customers into our Oak Lawn Toyota family–instantly putting them at ease with humor and empathy. Oak Lawn Toyota is a better place because of you, Mark. Thank you for calling it home for over thirty years. 

On behalf of Ronnie Colosimo and the Oak Lawn Toyota family, thank you for thirty years, Mark. Here’s to thirty more!

Ivan Gomez of Chicago Corporate Film

Bob Spee’s Oak Lawn Story

Bob Spee celebrates his 35th Anniversary at Oak Lawn Toyota this month, May 2017. We are deeply honored that he has called Oak Lawn Toyota home for thirty-five years. Watch as Bob talks about his customers, his work ethic, and those infamous red #1 key chains! Thank you, Robert Spee, for thirty-five years of excellence.

Videography/Editing: Ivan Gomez of CHICAGO CORPORATE FILM

Service Appointment Scheduler

Did you know you can schedule your service appointment online?! If you have access to the internet–on your computer, tablet, or cell phone, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Head over to and follow the steps to book your next service appointment.

Oak Lawn Toyota’s Service Appointment main page.

Baby Announcement!


We feel blessed to add another baby to our Oak Lawn Toyota family.  Victoria Hampton, eCommerce Director, and her husband David welcomed Antonina Charlotte on Tuesday, December 6.  Antonina “Nina” joins her sister Carmela & Marshall.  Nina is the 7th grandchild of Oak Lawn Toyota’s President & CEO, Ronnie Colosimo.  When asked how he’s feeling about another grandchild, he commented, “This is what life is about.  The next generation brings us [he and wife Mary Lynn] so much joy.”

When asked how he’s feeling about another grandchild, Colosimo commented, “This is what life is about.  The next generation brings us [he and wife Mary Lynn] so much joy.”

Congratulations to the Hampton and Colosimo families!


We Salute You

We salute you, men and women, who have served this country to protect our freedom and our land.  Thank you for your service.  Happy Veteran’s Day!

“Today we honor our veterans,

worthy men and women

who gave their best

when they were called upon

to serve and protect their country.

We respect them, we thank them,

we honor them, we are proud of them,

and we pray that you will watch over

these special people

and bless them with peace and happiness.” -A Prayer for Armistice Day


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