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Ladies & gentlemen: the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime!

Put limits in the rearview mirror

Let’s dream of a brighter tomorrow today. Introducing Prius Prime, the hybrid that begins where sacrifice ends. Expressive LED lighting makes a dramatic statement and a sleek, aerodynamic shape helps maximize your MPG. Available tech like the 11.6-in. tablet display puts more control at your fingertips. A larger battery pack extends your EV range and helps create more possibilities. Powering it all is Toyota’s first dual motor drive system that helps deliver an exhilarating experience and lets you run on pure electricity, gas or both. Prius Prime will be available at Toyota dealers starting late 2016.

The hybrid you can charge

Go beyond what’s expected. Prius Prime helps you maximize your efficiency without worrying about range by adding more battery capacity and more powerful electric motors. You can charge up at home or take advantage of one of the thousands of public charging stations. Regenerative braking helps give back small charges to the EV battery on the go, and if the battery charge does run out, Prius Prime will seamlessly shift back into hybrid mode so you can keep going. Choose between full electric and hybrid power and go ever farther.

For in-depth information regarding the upcoming Prius Prime, click here.

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