A Unique Ride via Stupid Dope

Ok, so the Toyota Land Cruiser 6×6 by NSV isn’t exactly new, but it’s a new concept on an old, classic design. The ride comes rocking the classic Toyota Land Cruiser appeal, while a unique 6 wheel design makes for a rugged, go-anywhere appeal in the process.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 6×6 by NSV. Credit: http://stupiddope.com/2016/04/18/a-unique-tough-ride-the-toyota-land-cruiser-6x6-by-nsv/6x6-toyota-land-cruiser-by-nsv-0/

The Toyota Land Cruiser 6×6 by NSV. Credit: http://stupiddope.com/2016/04/18/a-unique-tough-ride-the-toyota-land-cruiser-6×6-by-nsv/6×6-toyota-land-cruiser-by-nsv-0/

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